Rijeka | Global picture

With site specific installation artist Dalibor Martinis in collaboration with Mihael Giba and Ivan Marusic Klif, will illuminate the iron globe on the top of the Transadrija building in Rijeka haurbor.

Work Global picture is relying on the daily reports from the global economy, stock exchanges, disasters, health, international relations and conflicts, civil liberties, environmental protection and the media, which are  providing data to measure the current state of humanity, and depending on those reports software is changing color of the iron globe on the top of the building.

Using similar sensors and software, Global picture will be launched simultaneously in Zagreb and Zadar.


7.12.2009. Njirić+ architects pavilion

Ban Josip Jelačić square, next to the “Gradska Kavana” building


8.12.2009.  Biennale Quadrillateral 3

Transadrija Building in Rijeka Haurbor.


8.12.2009. Riva, on the LED urban installation “Pozdrav suncu”