YEAR: 2007.

– 2008.

2008. / oil on 3 canvases / 700 x 300 x 100 cm.

2008. /oil on 21 canvases / 1600 x 300 x 100 cm.

In my work I have combined space, digital technologies and information, and the end product is a picture. Image at first glance looks like an abstract composition located within the space, but works from viewers require more than casual view or pure visual pleasure – “Information “requires thinking and understanding (and acceptance) of all the opportunities that artists have today.Given that technology affects peoples’ lives and changes them on everyday basis,through my work I study influence of technology on the arts, the possibility of technology in art, as well as its boundaries. Interference of digital technology in the process of creation of work in traditional technique such as painting there comes to depersonalization of me as an artist. Literally
I let machine take over the creative process during the formation of composition.
Works are formed in an interaction with the architecture.Based on the assumption that the architecture is in some way illusionistic shaping of reality, then we have in those spaces, an opportunity to recreate our own reality.The work is placed in dialogue with the space and the information in it. I use the information of space and with the simulations in digital reality stop that information on canvases. At first glance it seems that it is a pure abstract composition without reference to the appearance world. To the eye of the observer, it is difficult to read any of the starting points in figuration. However the starting points of work are in figuration – vast amount of visual information (pictures,texts …) that every day consciously or less consciously entered into the memory of artist and computer.The process of creation of work completely takes place in virtual reality, so until the end product (picture) there is no physical evidence of the process. Equally the life of today’s modern man takes place within the real and the virtual world (my space, Facebook, e-mail …) and also my work – in the process of creation exist in virtual reality, and later it is presented in a physical form in palpable reality.

Process begins by collecting information only in digital format – photos, texts, web pages … This information is placed in a 3D space, where information is circling through 3d model of architectural space. Canvases are through the simulation automatically placed in the space, and when they take the position the computer automatically assigns them “information” in the form of art composition made up of previously collected information / documents.
Collected documents / information is mixed-up by computer and incorporated in the virtual space. Because of huge quantity of documents / information, the composition becomes abstract.
Work is presented as a painting installation in space, i.e. physical replica of virtual compositions.