Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, STAGES Forum 2023

Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb
STAGES Forum 2023

STAGES (Sustainable Theatre Alliance for a Green Environmental Shift) is an ambitious sustainable theatre experiment to re-imagine how the cultural sector interacts with the concept of sustainability.
From 2022-2025, 14 influential theatre and academic organisations, including a European theatre network, will collaborate and tour urgent new performances on the climate crisis.
What makes STAGES unique is that no people or items will move as part of the tour, even as it travels to stages around Europe and as far afield as Taiwan.
In addition, each partner venue will use lessons from ‘Doughnut Economics’ to analyse and transform their buildings and working practices – and experiment with new ways of making theatre alongside scientists and audiences.
Between 20-21 November 2023, the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb will host the STAGES Forum.
STAGES is co-funded by the European Union.