Open Source Art @MSU Zagreb

(Open Source Art)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Muiseum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Project OSA deals with the use of new communication technology and media in the area of Art which is dealing, producing or publishing works by using open source tools and applications.
OSA is conducted through the presentation of contemporary new media art that uses tools based on the ideas of free cultural exchange.
Artist Talk
Željko Blaće, Sandro Đukić, Darko Fritz, Mihael Giba, Deborah Hustić, Ana Hušman, Kruno Jošt, Maja Kalogera, Ivan Marušić Klif
Invited artists will present their work in a way to show various aspects of the use of open source tools; use, sharing, upgrading, publication etc
Round table
Free software and Art
The interfusion of social and cultural activities in the fields of contemporary cultural context.
Problems of autorship, ownership and economy.
Moderator: Deborah Hustić
Introduction to Open Source tools and programs.

Public displays: