3rd Biennial of Quadrilateral – Angles and Intersections

December 8, 2009 – January 29, 2010

Dolac 1/II, Rijeka 51000, Croatia
tel. +385 (0)51/334-280, 335-252; fax. +385 (0)51 330-982
e-mail: mmsu-rijeka@ri.htnet.hr; www.mmsu.hr

3 rd Biennial of Quadrilateral – Angles and Intersections
– International exhibition of new media art
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and dislocated sites, Rijeka, Croatia
December 8, 2009 – January 29, 2010

Selector: Christiane Paul, curatorial team: Darko Fritz (CRO), Elena Giulia Rossi (I), Nina Czegledy (HU), Pete – Tomaž Dobrila (SLO)

Based on rich history of such events – MMSU organized the legendary Biennial of Young Yugoslav Artists (1960-1991) followed by the Biennial of Young Mediterranean Artists (1993-1997) – the present event, Biennial Quadrilateral, takes into consideration a diplomatic initiative of Quadrilateral which, since 2002, has encompassed the states of Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Slovenia. All of these neighboring and independent states have at one time and in different combinations, been a part of one and the same state. Presently, three of them are members of the European Union, while Croatia awaits the next round of EU enlargement.
By its geographic position and cultural habitus, the city of Rijeka represents an ideal converging point of influences and identities. The biennial claims this position once more, thus creating a space and place where regional distinctiveness can manifest itself through a globally understood language of contemporary art.

A biennial conception presupposes a curator from each of the participating countries who will propose a national selection that will further be subjugated to the selection of a joint committee singling out four artists from every country. Each biennial employs a new curatorial team and in such a manner brings in a new theme of universality and actuality that will transcend the events’ geographical confinements.
For the first time focus is on new media art – art that uses digital technologies as a medium. The projects by eminent artists from the four participating countries (Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia) as well as presentations by invited artists from other countries, will extend notions of the “quadrilateral” itself. The Biennial will explore the different angles and intersections that emerge from the connective qualities of new media in relation to specific local, political, economical, cultural contexts of the participating countries. Be it in a poetic and metaphorical or a concrete and literal sense, the Biennial will engage with new aesthetic constellations brought about a medium that is multilateral by nature.

By additional programs, lecturers and specific panel discussion, workshops for students, BQ 3 will explore large spectrum of globalization problematic, social and cultural transformations influenced by informatics technologies, displayed to the wide spectrum of public in innovative approaches of new media artists.

Until now the project is supported by grants by the City of Rijeka, Primorsko-goranska County, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, and partners: American Embassy / Zagreb, Audion d.o.o. / Pula, Astronomical Centre Rijeka / Rijeka sport, T-COM / Croatia, Transadria d. d. Rijeka.

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