Vjerujte mi vjerujem vam

This work is about trust that we all as citizens have given to politicians. It consists of two books placed on the stands. The first book is actually an Accession Treaty: Treaty concerning the accession of the Republic of Croatia to European Union, and the second book is the Agreement on mutual relations between the shareholders of INA – so-called The contract on sale of INA. Common to these documents is that the government was refusing to publish these documents.
In this Accession Treaty I am color coding the word “Croatia” in red-white-blue and the words “European Union” in blue and yellow, just in positions where they are located in the original treaty, and all other text is deleted. In the INA contract I am statistically showing how many times characters are repeating in one row. Visualizing the information from the original documents I am showing how I read these documents from the stand of view as an ordinary citizen with a minimal knowledge of legal chicanery, various legal and economic terms.
Do ordinary citizens that politicians represent must have such knowledge and control their every move, or just to trust politicians? In surveys that Croatian internet portals took among their readers after numerous scandals and in an election year the results are lost trust in politicians. When we give our trust to the people that must represent us in matters that concern all of us as citizens of this country do we need knowledge to read legal documents, or this kind of knowledge is unnecessary?
Trust me I trust you.