Trust me I trust you

Trust me I trust you is a project which was created in response to major corruption scandals that have affected a complete Croatian government and led to arrestments of now ex-prime minister and several high-positioned politicians and ministers. This work deals with the trust that citizens have given to politicians. The project consists of five art books – legal documents of the Croatian Government that I have transformed into an artistic language. These books are 5 different Treaties that Croatian government was refusing to publish. Through visualization I am questioning how the average citizen who does not understand the legal language is reading these documents – probably as hard as my documents. Through my visualization I raise the question of whether citizens should have the knowledge to control politicians or they should simply trust them.

Croatia-EU Accession Treaty
INA and MOL Shareholders Agreement
Croatian Privatization Fund and Orco Property Group S.A. – Suncani Hvar Shareholders Agreement
Croatia – Slovenia Arbitration Agreement
INA – MOL Gas Master Agreement