Ljubljana | Global Picture

GLOBAL PICTURE project with Dalibor Martinis  continues in Ljubljana,  Slovenia from 29.12.2010. – 17.1.2011.

More info on www.global-picture.org

Project GLOBAL PICTURE spreads the network of sensors in various cities in Europe in order to bring the present state of humanity to as many people as possible. The changes in that state is communicated to the public via 7 colors. In each city GLOBAL PICTURE inhabits local urban site which has already been established as a location of certain urban significance. The daily changes are dependent on a set of parameters taken from daily online reports on the global economy, stock markets, disasters, health, international relations/conflicts, civil rights, ecology and media. 7 states from bad to excellent are turned into the colors: from blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange, and red to purple. Every 20 minutes a central software performs keyword-based search on the internet and after analysis of collected data via internet database delivers necessary information regarding current state of GLOBAL PICTURE to on-site software applications. Those software applications then using different LED hardware interfaces are displaying current color.

The project Global Picture-Sensor of Human Condition started in 3 cities in Croatia (in 2010. will include other cities in Europe), in Rijeka on December 8th 2009, as part of the international exhibition 3rd Quadrilateral Biennale.